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Taking a Minimalist Approach to Green Living



Minimalism may be synonymous with simplicity. But becoming a minimalist may be far from simple, at least in the beginning. Depending on your lifestyle, making a switch to living with less may seem like a daunting project — one that many tried but failed to sustain over time.

But if you are thinking about making less of an impact on the environment as you used to, taking a minimalist approach may just be the way to go. Following the principles behind minimalism in art and design, minimalists opt for a pared-down lifestyle where one of the goals is not to accumulate but to keep as few possessions as possible. And in many ways, the habits that let minimalists enjoy a simple life are the same ones that help become better citizens of the planet. So if you are thinking of embracing a green lifestyle, doing some of the things minimalists do may just be a good way to start.

Buy less to reduce by building habits of recycling, reusing, or repairing the things you already own. Or you can consider borrowing what you can from family, friends, neighbors, and people in your community, if possible. Swapping items with others is also a great way to have something “new” without accumulating more.

Choose reusable over single-use items like non disposable plastic plates or glasses. Invest on a good quality to-go ware that you can use when ordering take-out food from fast-food chains and restaurants.

Focus on the essentials – not on what you think you need. You might be surprised by how short the list can be.…

How to Be A Simple Yet Successful Person

Simple Girl

Every people are unique in their own ways. Being simple is being unique. Well, simplicity is beauty, right?  Being a simple person can make you stand out.

Success is not always based on the money that you make, there’s something deeper than that.

Do you think you can live like a simple person? If not, that’s not a problem. Here’s how you can be a simple person!

Dress Simple

You don’t wanna brag you $1,000 Valentino Suits to the people, right?

Wear a simple dress. A comfortable shirt and jeans will do the work. But it depends on your style. Just wear the appropriate dress for appropriate occasions.

Solve Things the Easy Way

Can’t Solve It? Buy A New One! It’s Just That Simple. 😀

Don’t push yourself to something you will find difficult. If you can find an easier solution, do it. Don’t stress yourself and avoid overthinking. Find simple ways to make it easier for you to overcome obstacles in life.

Have a Positive Attitude

Communicating will be much easier if you have a good and positive attitude. A good attitude will help you get more connections. You’ll have a happier and simpler life when you have a good attitude.

Value Life

Don’t drink, smoke, or be a bad influence.

You’ll find life more enjoyable once you see its true value. Value comes from appreciation. Appreciating everything will cause you to live your life to the fullest. Appreciate even the small things and you’ll see how this can help you the best you can be.

Enjoy The Simple Things

It’s not about how expensive a thing is, it’s about the happiness it brings to you.

Don’t even bother eating Kobe Beef when you have a kerry cattle meat right in front of you. Something like that. Learn to appreciate the small things, you’ll never know when it will disappear.