Archery Encourages Perfect Mindset


Archery is not only for action, fun and adventure. The shooting of arrows can be more subtle that it encourages peace of mind and relaxation.  In our busy days, we need a perfect outlet to release the accumulated stress of our existence. Archery can be the best stress reliever to help you free yourself from the worries of the time.

For inner peace, make archery a fulfilling activity. This sport can be best enjoyed with a very efficient and reliable bow. Consider checking our website @ to suit your competitive style or desire.

Let’s Get Into Zen

The bow and the arrow could be weapons for contemplative arts. Archery could be done through the cogitative or reflective way. It can encourage perfect mindset and invites a peaceful setting.

Aside from being a competitive sport, archery can be done through contemplative actions. Let’s take Kyudo into the surface. It is believed to be the purest of all martial arts. The term literally means “The Way of the Bow”.  In ancient times, Japanese used the bow primarily for hunting, court ceremonies, games, contests of skills and war. Originally, Japanese archery was called “kyujutsu” or the bow technique. This included in detail the skills and techniques of the warrior archer. But, the Japanese use of the bow as a hunting tool is long past. Modern Japanese archery or kyudo is primarily for physical, moral and spiritual development.  It is parallel to the method of searching the truth, goodness, and beauty.

Most of the philosophical connections of kyudo are in the widely known book of Eugen Herrigel, Zen in the Art of Archery. In this book, the author shared his experiences with kyudo in the 1930’s. He successfully gave people their first glint of the art.


The art of kyudo requires its participants to focus on the moment and let go of other concerns. Just like in modern competitive archery, an archer has to develop mental focus and concentration to aim at targets successfully. Furthermore, participants to the Japanese modern archery are required to receive training in the Seven Coordinations. These include the meticulous attention to detail such as the holding of the bow and arrow, the sighting at targets, developing the proper stance, the drawing of the bow and releasing the arrow.

Similarly, modern competitive archery  requires its audience to carefully choose the archery equipment, to keep focus, to give the perfect stance, to aim at targets and to keep track with the archery goals.

Likewise, for competitive archers aiming , to best achieve their purpose, they have to work on their form, equipment and prepare for the tournament whether  in the Olympics or in fascinating annual events

Without perfect mindset and focus, your archery sessions will just a waste of time and will just create unnecessary repercussions.